Dr. Barbara Collins | The Knitter Woman
Dr. Barbara Collins is a midlife transition expert.
Midlife, Tranisition, Menopause
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The Knitter Woman


I met a wonderful woman at a crafts show who was knitting the most beautiful hand knitted scarf.   Her hair was strikingly gray with the most peaceful and gentle smile. She looked like she was enjoying her knitting craft. People passing by were taking a quick look at her had knitted scarves.

I stopped to watch out curiosity to see how she was doing in her sales.  Her daughter was standing by her side.  I learned later her daughter came from Colorado to help her mother get her business started.

We talked for awhile about how much she loved to knit. I truthfully have not learned how to really knit well.  I can knit but not mastered the skill like this lady. I tried several times and still have half knitted items in my bag against the door in my office.  One day I say! One day.

I  am so…..excited when I see a woman working a craft that seems so….easy. Here’s my “silver clue” (remember I love to wear silver!!) here is an authentic woman! Knitting with a love and peace! She knits with ease. Her daughter, I can tell is her biggest fan, was helping her sell the scarves.  She was really enthusiastic about her mom’s new business.

Here’s what I know from watching this woman knit. For me, being authentic and taking advantage of what comes easy can increase income. A lot of people wear scarves. You just have to believe that someone will need and like what comes easy to you.  What is your natural strength?

Now, guess what? People are stopping me all the time asking me where I can get this scarf.  You never know!!