Speaking What’s In Your Heart

by | Oct 16, 2014 | Blog, Self-Awareness

A cardiologist once told me that speaking what’s in your heart creates a healthier heart.   It is also an act of loving yourself.

You may have noticed that’s it’s been awhile since I launched my blog in May.  Life kicked in with a major health crisis on top of a deep personal loss.  I’m doing fine, and will share my personal amazing healing journey in a future post.

What the experience has left me to ponder is how much people tend to be more truthful with each other about who they are after major life-changing event. And, while it can hurt for someone to hear your truth, you need trying to let your heart speak what you are thinking.

Do you know who you are in relationships?  Are you aware of your beliefs about life?  What do you value most, and what is really true for you? Are you afraid if you speak your truth in relationships that you will be ignored, not liked or afraid that your truth will be challenged?  Do you fear losing a friend or possible a long term partner?

In my early 40s, these questions popped up from time to time.  But, I was a busy, working single parent and didn’t have the time to reflect.  When I reached 50, it dawned on me that in certain conversations, I was feeling like I was compromising my opinion to conform to what people expected me to say.

Now, I’m not talking about pushing the envelope on topical issues. Instead, I kind of felt a nudge to say what I was thinking, and be authentic for the first time in my life.

Midlife is often a good time to practice speaking our truth. Start with friends, partners, family, especially adult children, or with members at book clubs. Saying “yes” to please someone else’s need shouldn’t be your norm.  You are worthy of asking for what you need.

A friend told me she was diagnosed with stage IV cancer.  She said she no longer feels a need to muffle her voice about how she feels or thinks. She is more assertive when a salesperson is not treating her with the attention or respect she deserves.  I like that.

How you speak your truth is key. So why wait?  Be who you are now.  Find resources that can help you be truthful to yourself first.  You will feel powerful, freeing of the soul and real. Living authentically is a great way to live.

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