Women over 50: Modeling for TV and Print. (I did it at age 60!)

by | Feb 16, 2015 | Blog, Self Help Activities

After I retired, I explored several options on what to do next — teach graduate school, consult or write my first book. My daughter suggested modeling.

She was attending law school in New York and modeling herself at the time. She said her photographer had suggested mature models were lacking in representing the aging consumer population.

At first I said, “Are you kidding? I wouldn’t be picked to be a model.”

But then I thought about it. I noticed women my age and older on TV commercials and print ads. Women were in all sizes, colors and shapes. Women were advertising products and services that were geared to the aging population, and the aging market was growing. I decided to give it a try.

Here are the 10 things I did to begin my processing into modeling.

  1. First, I found the courage to move forward. I talked to friends and family for support and advice.
  2. I released judging myself on what I thought makes a good mature model.
  3. I convinced myself that I had nothing to lose because I treated the new venture as an experiment.
  4. I enrolled in a TV commercial acting class. That is where I received the best advice: An audition is not about me. It’s about my look, and my face reaching the target audience? Then, after the audition, leave and don’t think any more about it. Look forward to the next audition that you might book.
  5. I hired a highly recommended photographer to take my headshots.
  6. I researched reputable casting agents in the area. If they charge right away, you don’t want them to represent you. They make their money on the percentage of your booking.
  7. I interviewed several casting agents to see if there was a good fit.
  8. I asked the casting agent if they would represent me.
  9. I talked to several women that had experience as mature models.We discussed the pros and cons of modeling for a mature woman.
  10. I decided to audition in the local area and the larger market in New York City.

Yes, I’ve been modeling and I really love it. I meet interesting people and made new friends. My experiment turned into something I love to do. You can read more about my journey modeling in my book It’s Your Turn: Find Your Authentic Self and Go Fetch It!

Just do it! You may discover that you’re more than you think you are.


Dr. Barbara

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