“Strong Like Bull”

by | Aug 10, 2015 | Blog, Mental Health, Physical Health

“Strong Like Bull” is a diverse, aging, funny, and active group of friends that meet at our local Y. We move our bodies, well, any part of our body that is willing to participate. There is no scheduled time to meet. It’s great when two or more of us show up at the same time. However, if only one of us makes it to the gym, that is ok too! The most important goal for our group is that we show up and we work out!

We, the “Strong Like Bull” group, laugh, complain about our aches, share funny stories, brag about our grands, and agree that we really know more than our adult children.  We make sure we only talk a few minutes about medicine, doctor’s appointments, and an ache that wasn’t there yesterday. We have a strong sense of community and it bonds us together to laugh at the ways we are similar as we cope with aging. Our favorite quote is from Betty Davis, “Aging is Not For Sissies.”

People at the Y look at us with curiosity. We laugh loudly and enjoy each other’s company.  We share experiences and stories. We solve world problems.  “Strong Like Bull” knows what the world needs!  We don’t take life too seriously, and we are determined to live life to its fullest.

Ida, a dear friend of the group, left us in March.  Ida was 82 years young. She was an adoring and nurturing mother.  Ida loved to cook Italian food for her large family every Sunday.  Her time on earth was complete and she is probably motivating all the slackers in heaven to get off their butts and move!

Ida motivated our group with her determination and wisdom.  Ida was always at the Y early in the morning.  Her smiling face and laughter helped us to remember that life is short.  Be grateful we can exercise! There was no excuse not to go to the Y!

Ida was a wise woman that gave us a reason to live life fully.  She was always excited to hear about our travel ventures.  Ida, unfortunately, was unable to travel because she was a caregiver and had her own health issues. However, she was always eager to hear of our travels and live vicariously through our adventures.

Every day I look for Ida sitting on her exercise bike.  I feel her Spirit. “Strong Like Bull” rules!! Ci mancherai tantissimo Ida!

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