Growing Older – Three Powerful Women

by | Oct 5, 2017 | Blog, Finding Courage, Happiness, Mental Health

My mother and both grandmothers were major influences to create a meaningful life while getting older. Living unique lives with faith in God helped me imagine a life worth living.

Mother received her Master’s Degree in Gerontology at age 60. She was Director of a Senior Living Center in New York City.  She learned to swim at the YMCA when she was 16 and continued swimming into her 70’s.  While visiting my mother at the center she shared wisdom about aging. Looking at the women they seemed to lack vigor and meaning. My mother told me to create choices to live a life worth living.

Traveling to countries were common for my mother and grandmother in their 60’s and 70’s. My maternal grandmother traveled to the Holy Land in her early seventies. She said, “ visit the Holy Land and learn the history of Israel. I’m grateful for the opportunity to visit Israel this summer with my daughter.

She had a thing about taking care of elbows and knees. A lady always has smooth skin.  My paternal grandmother took precious care of her body. Taking a bath at her house was a ritual. When I was a young girl, walking down Seventh Avenue, in Harlem, N.Y. was an event. She insisted that we must wear gloves with pretty dresses.  My grandmother was the beauty of an older woman aging gracefully.

I’m fortunate to have these powerful women in my life. When I completed over 25 years in two challenging corporations; I was prepared to create my next chapter doing what comes easy and what l enjoy.

Watching my mother and grandmothers live a meaningful life while aging motivated me to intentionally plan a life worth living.

Who are your role models getting older? Do you have a plan how to live with purpose? Connecting with powerful women role models will inspire you to live a long meaningful life.

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