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by | Nov 21, 2017 | Finding Courage, Mental Health, Self-Awareness

Getting Older “Play to Your Strengths –Something that challenges you a bit” Dr. Brenda Milner, Neuroscientist

I was thrilled to read an article, by Sari Harrar, in the October issue AARP Bulletin. Harrar, interviewed Dr. Brenda Milner, pioneer neuroscientist, whose groundbreaking research helped to unlock the mysteries of memory.

Harrar, asked Dr. Milner, “At age 99 what motivates you to keep up your research at the Montreal Neurological Institute?” She answered, “I’m curious. Why is this person doing…What would happen if.”  Her responses resonated with me because guiding women courageously to be curious about their strengths helps women to rediscover joy, creativity, and love.

Our strengths are embedded in our DNA, childhood experiences, and education.  Discovering natural strengths creates opportunities to plan the life you want to live after retirement.

In my book “Power in Midlife and Beyond – 14 Ways to Create an Authentic Life “  describes ways to discover natural strengths. “Authentic living is consistently being open to the question who am I? Being curious and saying to yourself I am open to discovering more about what I do best. Trusting the universe to send what you need to know about who you are.

Dr. Maxwel Maltz, author – Creative Living Through Psycho-Cybernetics believes ” Discovering the real self-means the difference between freedom and the compulsions of conformity.” Our brain carries a mental blueprint picture of ourselves states Dr. Malz in his new edition The New Pshyco-Cybernetics.   

I guide women to be curious about our past experiences and likes. Our close friend’s perspectives can reveal powerful clues about our strengths and weaknesses. “Talk to Close Friends” is a chapter in my book that gives specific steps on how to engage friends in a conversation about your strengths.

Dr. Milner’s closing comment was affirming when she was asked what would you recommend to keep one’s brain healthy? “Find out what your strengths and weaknesses are, and play to your strengths – something that challenges you a bit. YES!!! YES!

Curious about her diet, she is 99. She loves food, and she likes cheese, meat,  fish, and vegetables.  Everything except sweets. Ok people take note!!.Say no more.


Dr. Barbara

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