2018 – New Challenge

by | Dec 22, 2017 | Self Help Activities

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone – Maybe it’s time

Getting out of our comfort zone is an empowering goal for 2018.  The new year is an opportunity to explore goals to unleash natural strengths and talents.

Unleashing our authentic self is experiencing life as though it were an adventure to discover forgotten gems in our personality. We didn’t come into life with a blank slate. Doing our inner work has many benefits to discover talents and awesome characteristics in our DNA.

How to discover a natural strength is a common theme in many of my blogs. Discovering natural strengths is like going on an archaeological dig to discover we are, with added excitement in the process.

You might want to experiment with activities in my book “Power in Midlife and Beyond”  to discover your authentic self.  These activities surface the awesomeness of who you were at one time in your life. Life kicked in that’s all. Now it’s time to rediscover you.

One of the activities in my book is to have a discussion with close friends. Meet at a great restaurant since food is an incentive for good conversation. Start the conversation with a question.What was I doing in high school/college that seemed easy and fun?  Surprisingly, you may hear common agreements about who you are.

After learning forgotten strengths and talents; it’s time to test the waters of discovering. Getting out of our comfort zone does require courage. Believing what we will find gives us a purpose to live a life worth living.

“Discovering your authenticity” means getting out of your comfort zone and pushing the envelope to make something different happen in your life.   Denzel Washington quoted his wife Pauline at his commencement speech at the University of Pennsylvania stating, “To get something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.”

Doing something you’ve never done before can be fearful. You’ve probably read my quote from Tony Robins in my one of my blogs. “There is no such thing as failure only results.” I love this quote because the limitations and fears by lowering our expectations from trying to be perfect diminishes.

Approaching the new year. Give it some thought about what could you do in  2018 that feels different. You never know what life will bring until you live life.

I wish you peace, happiness, safety and good health for 2018.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Dr. Barbara

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