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Dr. Barbara Collins is a midlife transition expert.
Midlife, Tranisition, Menopause
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Communicating Wisdom

Wisdom is our gift to the world. Using effective communication enhances our wisdom words in conversations. We own the right in our longevity to cherish our values and beliefs.

When we communicate our values and beliefs, sometimes the conversation may feel uncomfortable or contentious. It’s challenging to communicate our passion about something we strongly believe. Our culture, our ethos or family dynamics may impinge on the conversation.

Communication is powerful. I enjoy interesting conversations that evoke passion. In numerous conversations, it was important to check my interpretation before my response. For example, “what do you mean?”

Understanding the interpretation of words impacts a response. Try this. Say “no” five times using different tones. Guess what? I’m sure you heard five different interpretations of the word “no.”

I love Rumi’s words in the quotation. Remembering the three gates to speak through is positive communication while leaving someone feeling valued and heard. You may still disagree, but that’s okay. The outcome was two people dialogued with a difference that didn’t negatively impact them, our country or the world.


Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates

Is it true?

Is it necessary?

Is it kind?

By Rumi



Dr. Barbara