Write a book,Write a memoir: It’s Never Too Late

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It’s Never Too Late to Write Your Story

Dr. Eric Maisel’s book Write Mind: 299 Things Writers Should Never Say to Themselves http://ericmaisel.com/books was instrumental in writing my first book It’s Your Turn:  Find Your Authentic Self and Fetch It!  I learned how to think about writing.

Thinking a wrong mind about writing creates a barrier to writing your story. Dr.Maisel’s premise is you can challenge thoughts that cause you not to write.


Wrong Mind: There is far too much going on in my life for me to write.

Write Mind: I will write first thing every morning.

Wrong Mind: “It is much too late to start.”

Write Mind: “I can have my novel written in a year or two.

My wrong mind was my perfection syndrome. Being a former fourth-grade teacher created an occupational hazard to write a book. I loved teaching determined to help children be good writers. Expecting excellence was a banner to being a good educator.

Recognizing my perfection attitude was the first step in hearing the thought of perfection and saying I don’t want this thought. I had to replace it with a “write mind” thought, “Good editors will help me write a good book.”

The Nike commercial “Just Do It” is a great affirmation for eliminating procrastination. “Just Do It” didn’t’ motivate me to write. More Language of Letting Go:366 New Daily Meditations, by Melodie Beattie says,“ Start where you are. Start poorly. Just begin.  Let yourself fumble, be awkward and confused.  If you already knew how to do it, it wouldn’t be a lesson in your life.”

 Five ways to begin writing:  

  • Lower your expectations
  • Allow room for awkward beginnings.
  • Pray to stop putting off living out of fear in doing it poorly.
  • Believe that your words are important for someone.
  • Believe it’s never too late to write.


What is your pain or challenge to write? Create a “write mind” for your journey.


Dr. Barbara

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