Dr. Barbara Collins | Better Health in 2019
Dr. Barbara Collins is a midlife transition expert.
Midlife, Tranisition, Menopause
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Better Health in 2019

Better Health in 2019

“It Ain’t Gonna Happen Unless You Make It Happen” – Three ways be a better you in 2019

Move Your Body – Stretch, walk, dance, or vacuum with a purpose. Just move! I’m a big believer that sitting still for too long is not good period. Check with your doctor to find out what exercise is best for you. 

Drink Water and More Water – Dehydration is serious. I keep a bottle of water in my car, my office, at the gym, and shopping. Why? Water reduces the risk of bladder and colon cancer. You might even lose weight. The University of Illinois found that those who sipped more water ended up eating 68 to 205 fewer calories per day. Now that’s a good reason to drink water.

Sleep – Sleep. Turn the tv off and go to bed! I don’t have a tv in my bedroom because it disrupts my sleep. I know! The television keeps you company, or maybe watching tv helps you drift off to sleep. There are numerous opinions about sleep on the internet. I love my CALM app because meditation helps me prepare for sleep.  Also reading a good book feels soothing before turning off the light.

Eat Less  – I eat four to five small meals a day. I know are you are saying, are you kidding me? Well, most of the time because sometimes eating out is fun. Most doctors say we should eat smaller meals during the day because it helps our digestion. Our colons work hard to maintain gut health.  A National Institutes of Health-funded study found that cutting back calories reduced blood pressure, cholesterol and insulin resistance.

In the article, ”50 Great Ways To Live Longer,” in March 2017 AARP.org/bulletin there is a list of ways to live longer. My list is only a heads up that wouldn’t tax your brain or make you feel guilty about what you are not doing.

I wish you good health, peace, and joy in 2019!  Make it happen!

Love and Blessings,

Dr. Barbara