Dr. Barbara Collins | Navigating Change
Change happens every day. Navigating change is a challenge. William Bridges book, Managing Transitions describes the three phases of coping with transitions when change happens.
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Navigating Change


NOT YET! are powerful words when experiencing a change in your life. Let’s agree that change is relative, different experiences for everyone. Let’s agree on nothing going to happen until we take action. Right? Great!

William Bridges, in his book Managing Transitions – Making the Most of Change he states, it isn’t the changes that do you in, it’s the transitions. The transition is a three-phase process that people go through when change happens endings, neutral zone, and new beginnings.

His book helped me to understand that the neutral zone, the in-between when change happens, is normal, but can feel uncomfortable. How to manage change was instrumental in my personal life and organizational development consulting practice.

Bridges describe change as situational. Change is a loss of someone or something, a new relationship, a new home, a new place of worship, a new friend(s), a child going to college, an adult child moving back home, replacing something old with something new, a new job, or launching a new business.

Not Yet! helps me in the neutral zone when a change occurs

Bridges describe feelings in the neutral zone to Lioness, one of Charlie Browns famous characters, crossing fast traffic on a two-way street standing wondering what to do next.After som ething has ended, the neutral can feel like you are in a void. Nothing is happening, and you wait and wait to feel the new beginnings phase.

I mentioned daily devotions by Melodie Beatty numerous times in my blogs. One of her daily mediations called “Revel in the Void” in her book The Language of Letting Go she says, This wonderful in-between place holds keys to creation. She says, Don’t just accept it. Revel in it, embrace it,…..Relax in the void and allow the creation to flow.

Peace and Blessings,

Dr. Barbara