Dr. Barbara Collins | It's Your Time Now
Saying no to doing what's important can be challenging.
Midlife, Tranisition, Menopause
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It’s Your Time



Three Words That Will Change Your Life


“It’s Your Time” are words you hear but maybe ignore the message.   I’m working with a great consultant creating my dream project.  “It’s Your Time” is a screenshot on my phone reminding me now is the time

Good music soothes my soul; I do a happy dance when a song to do what I want to do or need to do to make my life better.speaks to my spirit.  Jazz soloist Gregory Porter has a tune called  “Time is Ticking.” The words are romantic but apropos reminding me it’s never too late to “do you” as they say.

Whatever you are putting off until tomorrow, sadly tomorrow may not happen. Try to examine any barriers that are preventing transformation in your life with someone you trust.

Of course, changing your behavior from saying yes to saying no not now may require effective interpersonal communication. You might have a conversation with someone you trust on how to communicate “It’s Your Time.”

“It’s My Time” is relevant according to how much time you need to do something for your self. Your plan may take a few minutes, a month, a year for five years. It’s all up to you.

My mother went to school at age 60 to get her Masters Degree in Gerontology.  Why not? She said I did for everyone; this is my time. That was one of the first lessons on how to be. She taught me It’s never too late to say, “It’s My Time.”

Think about what will motivate you to say, “It’s My Time.”

Please share your It’s My Time” story. You might empower someone to get going on their dream today.

Peace and Blessings,


Dr. Barbara