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by | Aug 22, 2023 | Self-Awareness

Women over 50 tend to take talents and gifts for granted. You did not come into this life with a blank D&A. Brainstorm what would you do if you were not afraid.  I’m sure you’ve heard this question on talk shows, on the radio, or maybe at a seminar. Asking this question surfaces “what if” in your life thoughts.

Brainstorm the Question

  1. Get a sheet of paper.
  2. Write until you run out of ideas.
  3. Don’t stress if you cannot think of an idea- sit with your ideas for a while and see what happens. Journal thoughts that capture your attention.
  4. Rest your brain and return later.
  5. Don’t judge.
  6. Prioritize your list with ideas that feel joyful and effortless.
  7. Select the top three.
  8. Don’t forget to congratulate yourself for doing the work.

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